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Building Stunning Landscapes:      Using Less Water

Implementing Innovative Design Techniques and Water-Efficient Practices

Landscaping You Can Feel Good About

Beautiful and Functional Outdoor Spaces

Decreased Water Use - Increased Beauty

irrigation water runoff on sidewalk while irrigating lawn grass in low angle view

Utah's Water Crisis: Why St. George Residents Can't Afford to Ignore Water-Efficient Landscaping. 

Given that Utah is the second driest state in the nation and has the highest per capita water usage in the Southwest, water-efficient landscaping is not just a choice but a necessity. This is especially critical in St. George, one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, where increased demand strains already limited water resources. Opting for water-efficient landscaping not only makes financial and environmental sense but also contributes to the long-term sustainability of the community you live and work in.

Through our innovative design techniques, use of native and drought-resistant plants, and the strategic implementation of efficient irrigation systems, we aim to dramatically reduce outdoor water consumption without sacrificing beauty or functionality. Our expertise in creating stunning yet efficient landscapes allows homeowners to enjoy lush outdoor spaces while contributing positively to the community's efforts to conserve this vital resource.

Customized Solutions

Tailored landscaping plans that match individual preferences and the unique characteristics of the property.

Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal

Beautiful landscapes that increase property value and provide personal enjoyment.

Ongoing Support

Access to professional advice and assistance after the project completion to ensure the landscape's long-term success.

What Our Customers Say About Us

3D Design Previews: Digital rendering of landscape design for client approval

Hardscaping Services: Building patios, walkways, and other hard landscape features

Recycled Material Options: Use of recycled or sustainable materials for hardscapes and features

Drought-Resistant Plant Installation: Use of plants that require less water

High-Efficiency Irrigation Systems: Automated sprinklers and drip systems for optimized water use

Custom Landscape Design Plans: Tailored designs based on client's needs and site conditions

Outdoor Lighting Installations: Energy-efficient lighting to enhance outdoor areas

Pet-Friendly Zones: Landscaping solutions safe for four-legged family members

Lawn Replacement: Swapping out struggling lawns with better-suited turf or ground covers.

Fire Pit Installations: Outdoor gathering spots for year-round enjoyment.

  • Does my yard have to be all rock to be water-efficient?
    No, your yard doesn't have to be all rock to be water-efficient. While rock gardens are one option for low-water landscaping, there are many other approaches to create a visually appealing, water-efficient yard, These can include drought-resistant plants, native species, efficient irrigation systems, and strategic layout designs that maximize water use.
  • What if I want real grass?
    No problem, we've got you covered. We offer water efficient design and installation of irrigation systems. Our certified professionals have the experience and knowledge to create a customized irrigation system that will meet your needs while conserving water and energy. We use the latest technology to ensure efficient and effective water usage.
  • Is grass bad?
    "Yes, eliminate it entirely" is not the answer; turfgrass has a valuable and necessary role in landscaping. It provides an ideal area for relaxation and play for both children and pets. Removing frequently used, functional grass isn't the solution. However, if the only interaction you have with your lawn is mowing it, then it's worth considering alternative landscaping options.
  • Why hire a QWEL certified landscaper?
    Hiring a QWEL (Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper) certified professional ensures that you're working with someone who has specialized training in water-efficient landscaping. If managed effectively, these practices can cut water usage by up to 15%, which equates to nearly 7,600 gallons of water saved annually. To put that into perspective, that's enough water for 480 showers.
  • What kind of results can I expect?
    Opting for a water-efficient landscape can result in substantial long-term benefits. For instance, you can expect to reduce your outdoor water usage by up to 50%, translating into thousands of gallons saved each year. In Utah, where the average household uses nearly 120,000 gallons annually on outdoor watering, this could mean a savings of up to 60,000 gallons.
  • Is xeriscaping my only option for a water-efficient landscape?
    No, xeriscaping isn't the sole route; there are multiple approaches to crafting a landscape that is both water-efficient and tailored to your specific preferences. Reach out to us today to discuss creating your dream outdoor oasis.

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